"Me Time"

Me Time?  Honestly does any mother know what this is?  Is there really such a thing?  How does one find time for themselves?  Between raising three kids, running a business and being a wife I am not sure if "Me Time" even exists.  I certainly know how important it is and how needed it is but finding the time for it is the hard part.  I am one of those moms who suffer from GMS - Guilty Mom Syndrome.  I feel guilty if I am not constantly doing for my family.  I feel guilty when I take that little time for myself.  Then I ask the question, is it guilt or lack of control I am feeling?  It is hard to give someone else the control of my household.  The fear of others not doing things the way I would do them.  The fear of coming home to a house that has completely fallen apart because I wasn't there or worse maybe it is the fear of coming home to a house that seems completely fine and no one even noticed I was gone.  Oh the things we as moms put ourselves through.  All I know is that "Me Time" is extremely important for us moms.  We need it to function properly.  We need it so we can gain the strength to battle the constant chaos and busy schedules we have as moms.  We need it so we can recharge our patience that is in such high demand when raising our children.  We need it so we can enjoy those moments with our children that we will never get back.  We need it so we can be the best mom we can be to our children.  We need it because we as moms work so hard and we deserve it.  So while you are doing your best to be good to everyone else be sure you take time to be good to yourself too.  Not only will you be happier but your family will be happier too!    



August 24, 2019 — KARI COYLE

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