About Us

Welcome to KariBerryPosh.  Heather Hoagland, the owner of Glam Color Bar and I are a Beauty and Fashion duo in beautiful Lakeland, FL.  We teamed up in January of 2019 and neither of us could have ever imagined what would come next.  Heather and I recently opened a new space together in September 2020.  We are so excited to be bringing this to all of you.  You are now able to shop a fully stocked boutique in front of the salon.  There are also 2 beautifully designed dressing rooms for you to enjoy when you try on clothes.  One is Marilyn Monroe themed and the other is Audrey Hepburn. The salon is beautiful and offering a large selection of services from hair, nails, lashes, brows, tanning and more.  So be sure and book your appointment with one of the Glam Girls.  We love all of you and know that all this has been possible because of each one of you.  Stay Tuned and follow our journey because we are just getting started.



                                               Kari & Heather